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about the ice

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Benefits of Clear Ice

•Pure Water

100% pure filtered water free of pollutants, impurities, and trapped gasses

•Melts Slower

Clear ice is perfectly solid and the highest density of ice around, so it melts far slower

•Tastes Great

Because of the freezing process the ice imparts no ‘other’ flavors and won’t throw off a drink

•Presentation Appeal

Great drinks are a work of art, and the appearance of gorgeous perfectly clear ice says a lot about a bar

•Reduces Labor

Remove the guesswork and headache of in-house ice programs that waste time and is often forgotten

How Is It Made?

Negroni Nawa.jpg

We use a Clinebell machine to produce 2 300LB blocks of ice (a process that takes about 72 hours). We use an engine hoist to lift the blocks, then use a chainsaw (using food-safe oil) to cut the block into “Slabs” we then use an industrial bandsaw (typically made for butchering) to cut the ice into perfect shaped cubes.

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